Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Longwood visit/Outside event!

I fell in love with Longwood University when I recently visited the campus. Since I am graduating a semester early from Richard Bland College, I went to talk with an adviser about the transfer process, get answers to questions I had and also for apartment searching. Although it was very overwhelming to think that I will be "living on my own", I am more than ready to be independent and actually have the college experience most young adults dream of. I have talked to people there and they either love it or hate it. Most people say that there is not much to do since Farmville because the town is so small, but I am hoping that I enjoy it when I get there. My mom, dad & I had an appointment with a lady at Longwood and it made me feel a lot better about going and answered a lot of questions that we had. I am really looking forward to the events that Longwood offers like concerts and “games” that the student body puts on and especially the gym facility that is fairly new. The apartments are really nice and also that most of them are close by. Not only did this accomplish a lot of educational questions, it was good to spend a day away from Enon with my parents! I am more than proud to hopefully soon become and Longwood Lancer!

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